28 October 2009


Woah marah betul tajuknya. Macam seorang datuk sedang memarahi cucunya yang memanjat-manjat televisyen 12" milik beliau. But that's not the point. The devil i mentioned here refer to Manchester United, known as The Red Devil. Devil will go to the hell isn't? Haha. Actually i want to share about last English Premier League fixture where Manchester United came to Anfield to meet their tradition rival Liverpool. A great game had been played, and Liverpool won the game honourabaly 2-0. A great finishing and goals from both Fernando Torres and David Ngog made Alex Ferguson dumb a while. Haha. By the way, thanks to Liverpool's great defender Jamie Carragher, who i rated him as the player of the match. Tight defending and great ball stopper, kudos for him. YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE, yeah!

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