31 October 2009


For them who played Fantasy Premier League out there, http://fantasy.premierleague.com, here are some tips for you ;D

Double gameweeks will inevitably warp our team selections – and so it proves with the picks this week. Villa and West Ham have four players in the squad, with in-form Villa getting three players in the eleven. Pure folly or just common sense? Read on for some reasoning…

It starts with the inclusion of Friedel between the sticks. Not an obvious selection perhaps, given that both Dunne and Collins present attractive options in the back four. But then again the Villa keeper is top of the rankings, even though he is without a clean sheet in the last four starts. Friedel faces two away games however and should earn save points at both Everton and West Ham that will boost his returns. He’s also been known to turn in the odd big week profit courtesy of a penalty save – so he is certainly worth a punt in a week when keeper selection has been a touch fraught.

In front of Friedel I’ve gone for a back four that combines attacking potential, with perhaps the best clean sheet offerings on the table. It starts with United’s O’Shea who looks a certain starter with Neville suspended, and offers a decent bet for a cleanie against Blackburn at Old Trafford. While O’Shea offers little attacking potential, my other three defenders certainly do. Stoke’s Shawcross looks strong defensively at home to Wolves but also offers a substantial threat from set-plays, while Burnley’s Alexander again looks a tidy clean sheet option at home to Hull City and is on Burnley spot-kicks. Bikey is your other option here of course, if pennies are short.

The final selection in the back four is a risk. Liverpool look far from secure defensively for the trip to Fulham but with Aurelio, you’re getting a defender who is likely to start on the left of the Liverpool midfield. He carries excellent assist potential then – plus, with Gerrard out of the side, he’ll surely be looking to stake a claim at direct free kicks. Aurelio is certainly an expensive option – which goes against the grain when it comes to the current trend in points scoring. However, he is short-term differential and looks worth a gamble if you need one.

Moving into the midfield and you first find Fabregas - an almost automatic selection. Arshavin is your alternative – he looks certain to start and will surely run Fabregas close when it comes to midfield fantasy returns against Spurs. I’m sticking with the Arsenal skipper though. He should guarantee more minutes on the pitch and continues to attract FPL bonus points when Arsenal perform (and sometimes when they don’t).

Villa’s Milner takes his place alongside the Arsenal man. Ashley Young is of course the other option here, but Milner has outshone Young in recent weeks and looks a stronger and cheaper option. By all means look to Young if you need a differential and have the cash.

Sunderland’s Andy Reid gets the nod, simply because he is the most creative midfield player on show in a game that promises goals. Sunderland are likely to need a couple to get past West Ham and Reid should be good for FPL bonus at the very least.

Portsmouth’s Prince Boateng – a favourite around these parts and a player who will be the big threat to Wigan at Fratton Park, gets the final midfield spot.

Moving up front and Agbonlahor completes the Villa trio. It’s a case of eggs in one basket – a factor that almost persuaded me to look to West Ham’s Carlton Cole (who takes the place on my bench) or play safe and opt for a Van Persie or Torres – both should bring returns this week. Agbonlahor gets the spot though, mainly because he provides the key goal threat for Villa in two away games they can easily win. Everton are nursing injuries, while West Ham are nursing a horribly inconsistency. I see Villa goals in both fixtures and so Gabby should offer some profits.

I’ve certainly played safe with his strike partner though – Drogba is essential right now if you ask me. Chelsea will need a couple at the Reebok I believe, and Drogba will surely be central to those goals. He’s my first name on the team sheet right now; that doesn’t change this week.

Looking to the bench and I’ve gambled on Belletti for my sub defender – simply because he offers some short term value. I’m not entirely convinced that the Chelsea back four can keep Bolton’s set-pieces at bay, but Belletti offers reasonable value in there and is set to start at one of the full-back positions with both Bosignwa and Ashley Cole injured, and Ivanovic a doubt.

In midfield there are plenty of options. United’s Ryan Giggs would have been in my eleven had he not taken a knock in midweek and go into the weekend a slight doubt. Liverpool’s Benayoun, Portsmouth’s O’Hara, Burnley’s Wade Elliot, Fulham’s Dempsey, West Ham’s Noble and even Sunderland’s Henderson – one of my Podcast desert island risks this week, were also in the reckoning. Benayoun gets the sub spot in the end – for some reason he always seems to perform well for Liverpool at the Cottage.

Talking of which, Ricardo Fuller was also tipped in the podcast and, reluctantly, I left him out of the picks this week. I still fancy him to cause the Wolves defence plenty of problems at the Britannia. Birmingham’s Benitez was my other risk this week – he will be key to Birmingham’s hopes at home to City.

by Mark on Oct

This is the tips and i trust Mark
but my curret line up doesn't 100% follow the tips
Here is my line up

Zayatte, Shawcross, Dunne, Vermaelan
Barry, Fab, Reid
Bent, Carlton Cole(C), Drogba
Subs : Milner, Mark Noble, Wilkinson

29 October 2009


Carling Cup 4th round
Arsenal 2 - 1 Liverpool
Emirates Stadium

Last night was a Carling Cup match between Arsenal and Liverpool. Carling Cup was commonly a platform for young players to play the cup matches and most of the players on the pitch are youngster. Liverpool lost to Arsenal where Merida and Bendtner scored for Arsenal while
Insua bounced the ball 25 yards out, the full back chests it down before firing a dipping shot over Fabianski and scored the only goal for Liverpool. Insua's goal was really awesome and you should check it out. Despite of losing, still I can see Aquilani made his debut for the fist team, strong challenge on defending, fine great passes and a nice bicycle. That's worthful for his £20m transfer price.

Aquilani, there he goes

28 October 2009


Woah marah betul tajuknya. Macam seorang datuk sedang memarahi cucunya yang memanjat-manjat televisyen 12" milik beliau. But that's not the point. The devil i mentioned here refer to Manchester United, known as The Red Devil. Devil will go to the hell isn't? Haha. Actually i want to share about last English Premier League fixture where Manchester United came to Anfield to meet their tradition rival Liverpool. A great game had been played, and Liverpool won the game honourabaly 2-0. A great finishing and goals from both Fernando Torres and David Ngog made Alex Ferguson dumb a while. Haha. By the way, thanks to Liverpool's great defender Jamie Carragher, who i rated him as the player of the match. Tight defending and great ball stopper, kudos for him. YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE, yeah!

25 October 2009


Korang pernah dengar nama David Blaine, Chris Angel ataupun Houdini? Bagi yang tidak pernah, pastinya anda tertanya-tanya siapakah mereka. Mereka bukan seorang nelayan mahupun seekor rama-rama, malahan mereka adalah aktivis magis yang hebat. Telah banyak silap mata yang telah mereka jayakan. Mereka sangat hebat dan disegani ramai. Namun tahukah anda siapa guru mereka? Saya juga tidak tahu. Namun carian google banyak membantu. Setelah dicari di google, akhirnya bertemulah saya dengan dua buah video clip guru mereka. Beliau lah yang telah mengajar nama-nama besar aktivis silap mata ini sehingga menjadi terkenal. Di sini saya lampirkan dua buah video clip tersebut, di mana guru mereka, yang dirahsiakan namanya membuat satu silap mata, di dua lokasi berlainan. Silap matanya berbunyi "Memadam rokok menggunakan tepi lutut". Mari kita saksikan. Wow!

Di Bangi Kopitiam, Melawati
*Video tidak dirotate untuk memastikan keasliannya

Di kediaman beliau

24 October 2009


Rabu 21/10/09 6.00am : Tidur setelah menjadi seorang burung hantu selama dua hari berturut turut.

Rabu 21/10/09 10.00pm : Bangun dari tidur supaya perutku tersenyum sinis di isi beberapa pinggan makanan.

Rabu 21/10/09 12.25am : Hari sudah lewat lewat malam. Hujan lebat membasahi pipi dinding rumah. Mataku bermain sorong papan tarik papan bermakna tibanya masa untuk tidur seketika.

Rabu 21/10/09 2.50a.m : Deruan suara seorang angah mendayu-dayu memanggil namaku untuk keluar menonton sehelai perlawanan bola sepak. Lantas aku terjaga kerana pasukan kegemaranku akan menentang sebuah pasukan bola sepak yang diberi nama oleh bapanya iatu bernama Lyon. Keceriaan di raut wajahku bertukar kusam pada minit 93 apabila refree menghembuskan wiselnya tanda tamatlah perlawanan tersebut yakni Liverpool tewas kepada Lyon 1-2. Kekecewaanku terus dibawa ke atas tilam. Dengan hampa dan pasrah, aku menyambung kerja aku yang masih belum siap, iaitu tidur.

Rabu 21/10/09 Seluruh hari : Aku tidur saja, tiada apa yang lebih menarik selain dari tidur. Lebih-lebih lagi, hujan mendayu-dayu di luar. Bermodalkan angin di tingkat 20 yang agak sengit, aku pun terlelap panjang.

Khamis 22/10/09 11.00am : Aku terjaga dari lelapku yang panjang dan jauh, tiba-tiba fikiranku teringatkan sekeping kerja yang perlu aku hantar. Lantas aku mengejut rakanku dan menjemput mereka menyiapkan kerja berikut bersama-sama. Lalu sebuah rakanku bangun dan kami bersiap-siap lalu bergegas ke lokasi yang ingin dituju, Bandar Tun Razak untuk mengambil sekeping pendrive di rumah taulan kelasku. Tanpa membazirkan masa yang sempit, aku terus menuju ke bengkel motor untuk mengprintoutkan kerja yang telah siap lama. Haha apalah korang ni senang-senang kena tipu, bukan bengkel motor tetapi kedai Dobi Ever Clean. Selesai sudah kerja berikut jadi kami pun menuju ke kolej untuk mempersembahkan kerja berikut kepada pensyarah kami. Tanpa was was pensyarah tersebut menolak kerja keras kami kerana tidak menepati dan menyelubungi format yang diberikan. Aku hampa lagi, makan sebentar di gerai di hadapan kolej, mengusya beberapa bungkus gadis-gadis kolej lantas pulang ke rumah.

Khamis 22/10/09 1.00pm : Perkara semalam berulang, aku menyambung tidur dengan perasaan hampa, muka yang kecewa dan hati yang gusar.

Khamis 22/10/09 11.57pm : Nada dering Akon featuring Kardinal Offishal telefon bimbitku menyalak, satu panggilan misteri ditemui. Oh ya rupanya sahabatku yang dipanggil Que lantaran wajahnya menghampiri wajah seorang pelakon yang disebut Que Haidar. Beliau meberitahu beliau dalam perjalanan pulang ke Kuala Lumpur, dan berniat untuk tinggal di rumahku selama beberapa hari. Mendengar khabar berikut, aku terbangun dan memandikan diri ini kerana aku bersama seorang apek dan seorang nadia akan menuju ke NZ untuk mengambil Que yang digembar-gemburkan sebentar tadi. Sesampai di NZ, aku menjumpai Que bersama beberapa orang rakunnya, menelan segelas teh o ais dan menghirup sekeping roti banjir, lalu pulang semula ke Cheras.

Jumaat 23/10/09 2.39am : Sesampai di rumah, aku berbual-bual kosong tanpa inti sari yang tepat bersama rakan-rakunku. Sambil melayari internet serta melayani beberapa batang Dunhill, aku tidak rasa beberapa mengantuk. Setelah jarum pendek melepasi nombor 6 manakala jarum panjang tersasar sedikit dari nombor 12, aku lantas teringat akan kerjaku yang telah ditolak mentah-mentah oleh lecturerku. Aku mula resah dan tidak senang, bersumberkan internet yang mendapat wireless jiran-jirun, aku mencari beberapa maklumat untuk dijadikan sebiji folio.

Jumaat 23/10/09 10.00am : Aku bersama dua orang menuju ke kolej untuk mempersembahkan buat kali kedua kerja yang telah disiapkan. Namun kelibat pensyarahku tiada dibiliknya. Tanpa berlengah lagi, aku meletakkan folio tersebut diatas meja beliau.

Jumaat 23/10/09 11.ooam : Jam menunjukkan pukul berapa datuk harimau, pukul 11 pagi. Setelah kerja ku dihatar dengan selamat, aku pun pulang semula ke rumah. Setibanya dirumah, aku terasa pening-pening, ingin mendapatkan sekeping panadol, apakan daya beliau tiada. Ingin tidur tetapi tidak mahu. Haaa? Rutin harianku diteruskan dengan bermain beberapa siri permainan bola sepak PS2 yang terkemuka iaitu PES. Detik 1 petang membuntukan keadaan. Aku terasa letih dan sopan. Menuju ke bilik dengan selamba dan tidur adalah destinasiku. Haaa tidur lagi?

Jumaat 23/10/09 11.00pm : Sedang aku diulit mimpiindah, air liurku mengalir bak sebatang sungai yang deras, tiba-tiba kedengaran suatu bunyi yang agak familiar. Dua buah suara, satu suara seorang manusia lelaki dan satu lagi suara seorang manusia perempuan. Aku berbekalkan semangat dan penuh keyakinan mencuba untuk membuka mataku. Ohh rupanya wajah yang tidak asing lagi, Amir bersama rakan kolejnya Raihan baru saja tiba dari Kuantan. Mereka mengajak aku makan dan aku turuti sahaja. Setelah selesai makan malam, kami menghantar Raihan kerumah kakaknya, serta menghantar Que ke Subang, lantas pulang kerumah.

Sabtu 24/10/09 3.00am : Setelah selesai tugas yang agak subar sebentar tadi, aku pun tiba dirumah. Sekeping dua PES, dengan otak dipengaruhi beberapa helai weed, tepat jam 5.ooam aku pun tidur.

Sabtu 24/10/09 10.00am : Aku terjaga dari lena. Mencapai papan kekunci laptop, dengan senyum sampai telinga, aku mengarang cerita ini.

Sekian saja realiti hidupku selama tiga hari. Daripada hasil kajian beberapa professor dari University of Grandlesmania, Selatan Thai, United Kingdom, 83.74% daripada putaran kehidupanku buat tiga hari sebelum ini adalah
tidur dan hampa.

Assignment yang telah siap pada Jumaat 23/10/09

Tidur adalah aktiviti major untuk tiga hari ini

21 October 2009

Coming Up

Liverpool vs Olympique Lyon

Still a game without Torres, but I hope Dirk Kuyt can lead the squad and score a goal or two or three or or four or berapa kali or daa. With Gerrard backs to action after injury, i hope he can be the playmaker of the game. Update of the the game coming up later ;D

Here is the line up i expected

Jose Manuel Reina
Jamie Carragher
Daniel Agger
Fabio Aurelio
Glen Johnson
Javier Mascherano
Lucas Leiva
Ryan Babel
Steven Gerrad
Yossi Benayoun
Dirk Kuyt


19 October 2009


You will never walk alone? Of course it would be a boring one if you walk alone, so the you shoul walk together-gether ( bermakna bersama-sama ya untuk mereka yang tak berapa bijak dalam bahasa inggeris moden) with me. Yes im sure that whoever love to watch football have their favourite team. I love Liverpool yaww, established since 2000. I love Liverpool since Michael Owen still playing alongside with Milan Baros, John Arne Riise, Khairil Boestamam and Tan Boon Heong. Huhh does it? Haha. But time by time, a lof of players came in out out. But my faithfully captain still the heart of Liverpool, that's the man, Steven Gerrard! But Livepool's current squad was the best for me. With the best striker in the world, Fernando Torres in the forward, supported by wingers Dirk Kuyt and Yossi Benayoun or Albert Riera, together with their captain, Steven Gerrard as attacking midfielder or second striker. In the defending side, the best defendsive midfielder Javier Mascherano down with Lucas Leiva. New signing Alberto Aquillani have been in injury for 3 months since his ariving at the Marseyside, now almost ready to play and stregthen the team, and make his debut this month. Wow for sure i cant wait to watch Aquilani playing, he played for his previous club very well, a good passer, a good ball intercepter and can shoot and score a lot. He is an icredible player, but injury always stop him. What a boooo for Roma's medical staff and i hope Liverpool's medical staff can do better, yeah! Down to full defensive line, Jamie Carragher and Martin Skrtel are the center back. Even they are quite marvellous in defending, but i think they are quite slow and, Liverpool should look for a new better defender, or let Daniel Agger to play. Yes he can do better than both of current Liverpool's defender. Glen Johnson and Fabio Aurellio or sometimes Emialiano Insua, played as right and left back. The both side of the defender created a lot of can chance, that's why I love them! Haha. And the goalkeeper, no doubt about him. Great goalkeeping, kudos for him!

The crest, always in our chest

The Liverpool duo, Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres

Alberto Aquilani, I cant wait for his debut

18 October 2009


Di hari yang mulia ini, aku ingin menyusun jari jari, bukan jari tengah ye, meminta ampun maaf dari hujung ekor kutu rambut hingga ke hujung bulu kaki. Aichehh, macam hari raya pulak kan. Tapi tak mengapa, kerana hari ini, tanggal 18 Oktober 2009, bukan tanggal baju dan seluar, bukan juga tanggal 31 bulan lapan lima puluh tujuh, masih lagi dalam lingkungan hari raya meranggap raya pertama deepavali. Pada tanggal ini jugalah aku dengan cemasnya memulakan karier berblog aku ini, yang aku pun tak tahu untuk apa dan mengapa dan siapa dan bagaimana, mungking hanya untuk mengukir secebis tulisan di kaca laptop ini serta untuk meluahkan apa yang melintas di flyover otak aku ini. Murid murid, mula perkenalkan diri dari kiri, nama saya muhammad hasnul hamdi tapi nampak bergaya dan selesa serta lebih dikenali dengan panggilan manja medi baby bucuk bucuk, haha yang baby bucuk bucuk tuuh takyah nak tambah tambah la kan. Sekain saja untuk post yang pertama ini, kuharap blog aku mendapat sambutan ramai seperti sambutan yang diberikan kepada murtabak pak wahid yang boleh didapati di bazar ramadhan pandan jaya, MEMANG MENANGKAP !

Untuk tatapan segenap masyarakat, berklasifikasi 18SX, mengandungi unsur ganas dan berbau, aku persembahkan sebuah gambar yang sepatutnya jijik, tetapi telah dibersihkan olehku menggunakan adobe photoshop microsofword media player supaya menjadi sehelai gambar yang menonjol (biasalah kan kalau post blog mesti ade gambar, aku taktau nak letak gambar ape, so aku maen hantam saja lah labuci !)

Jangan risau, baru je lepas flush, tak berbau tengit pun